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Enterprise Cultural Construction

I. Enterprise Spirit
 Pioneering & Innovative, and Determining to Win

II. Enterprise Values
 Staff Is Precious Wealth for the Development of Enterprise
 Enterprise Is the Stage for Staff to Display the Capability

III. Enterprise Tenet:
 Honesty and Trustworthy, Making Concerted Efforts,
 Continuing Innovation, and Winning the Future

IV. Enterprise Culture
 Unity & Fraternity, Honesty and Enterprising

V. Enterprise View of Talent:
 Virtuous and Capable, Use in Priority; Sainted but Not Talented, Use After Training; Not Virtuous but Talented, Use with Restriction; Neither Sainted Nor Capable, Never Use

VI. Enterprise Quality Policy:
 Survive on Quality, to Achieve the Advanced in Industry by Continuous Improvement
 Accelerating New Product Development, to Meet New Development of Rail Transit
 Create Bide Reputation, to Provide Satisfactory Products and Services